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Vision: Professionally trained chaplains and spiritual practitioners.

Purpose: To teach students and supervisors the art of non-anxious presence and reflective practice.


Merchab CPE Supervisors

CJ Malone Beth Snyder
CJ is an executive leader with experience, education and passion devoted to people across diverse socio-economic, religious, and educational populations. Proven track record of success with leadership development, program oversight and delivery of exceptional pastoral and palliative care to patients, families and healthcare professionals. Beth Snyder is a Board Certified CPE Supervisor and Board Certified Clinical Chaplain. She has worked within the hospital and hospice setting as a chaplain for 10 years, specializing in infants and pediatrics. Her heart is to walk with others in the most difficult places and train others to do the same.

Board of Directors

CJ Malone, EdD. Executive Director

Jim Moore, DMin.

Julie Schultz

Kade Curry, M.Div.

Beth Snyder, MM. 


Merchab is a Hebrew word that means a broad, roomy, expansive, wide space. It is out of this type of soulful space that non-anxious presence arises. An individual’s non-anxious presence can be a healing comfort to those experiencing anxious life events.

The Merchab Institute is formerly the Northwest Clinical Pastoral Education Institute founded in 2008, incorporated in the state of Arkansas and a public charity designated 501 c 3 entity. The Institute is accredited by Clinical Pastoral Education International to offer Clinical Pastoral Education and CPE Supervisory Training. 

The Merchab Institute offers opportunity for student interns to experience process education, reflective practice, enhanced self-awareness, empowerment and non-anxious presence. Processing challenging life events, soulful injuries and other wounds that have cluttered or painfully constricted soulful space and professional functioning requires one to be honest and transparent with self. Trusting the process of becoming non-anxious presence is not always an easy endeavor but it ultimately leads to a renewed spirit and expanded soulful space. If you can be present with self, you can be present with others.

The Institute does not discriminate against persons because of race, gender, age, faith group, national origin, sexual orientation or physical disability.

Merchab Institute P.O. Box 6372 Springdale, AR 72766-6372

(479) 957-8782